WTB: Your old alt corporations, alliances, etc

Hi there.
i’m looking to buy alliances or corporations, alliances being logo-capable and corporations being over 3 years old.
do not PM me ingame and only reply here for offers.


What are you offering for tbe corps? I have a fair few that are between 6-10 years ols

completely depends on the names and tickers. @Rhincodon_Typus
also, bump

Poke legit salesgirl about this, heard she has plenty spare ones



still searching.

bumping. still looking.

Corp - Athalia Grace foundation - [IBEE7]

300m. best i can do for that specific corp.

still searching

still looking

i am still on the search for more.

Gotham Enterprises G.ENT
NEOVENUS Construction E.D.N
NeroTech Industries .NTI-


ill buy nerotech at a price we’re both confortable with.
also, bump.

Give me a starting price :slight_smile:

I have Gyrfalcon Exploration [GYEX] a 2011 corp, give me an offer

200m starting price. we can go up.

Was hoping for more considering you offered 300mil for the Athalia Grace Foundation.

Whats the best you’ll give me, considering 2011 corp and green killboard?