WTK 64 mil SP Gallente pilot + 5 miners

Positive wallet
Assets 53 bil. ( nyx, moros, a lot of sub cap ships )
No kill right
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/AloneHunterr - cap
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/AloneHunter ( 5 miners like this ) - miners

Contact me here or discord AloneHunter#2015

Friends request sent on discord

Would you sell just the Rorq pilot? if so how much?

Interested in AloneHunter … How much

WTK means how much you give for this

12B? let me know

How much for your capital pilot?

WTK means how much you give for this

you need only one? everyone miner have impants +5

I can offer 40bil for your capital pilot

i can only afford 1 atm unless you do 2 for 19B … would you accept 12B for aloneHunter?

I very sorry

is okay. is he actually selling any of this or what? I am unsure

Might be different TZ. Waiting to throw away some isk. Just realized that cap pilot doesn’t have heavy fighters V, so 40b was probably too much lol

i just want a hulk pilot for null… hard to find atm

Yeah, I want a nyx pilot for ratting

i’ll buy. convo in game

this account have 53kkk in assets ( nyx, 2 moros and sub caps ) and 40b not intresting

Yeah man, I just want the char, none of the assets. Sell off your assets

60 final

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