WTK 64 mil SP Gallente pilot + 5 miners

(AloneHunterr) #1

Positive wallet
Assets 53 bil. ( nyx, moros, a lot of sub cap ships )
No kill right
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/AloneHunterr - cap
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/AloneHunter ( 5 miners like this ) - miners

Contact me here or discord AloneHunter#2015

(Smellmymule) #2

Friends request sent on discord

(Ducky Paladin) #3

Would you sell just the Rorq pilot? if so how much?

(WhoreMiner) #4

Interested in AloneHunter … How much

(AloneHunterr) #5

WTK means how much you give for this

(WhoreMiner) #6

12B? let me know

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #7

How much for your capital pilot?

(AloneHunterr) #8

WTK means how much you give for this

(AloneHunterr) #9

you need only one? everyone miner have impants +5

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #10

I can offer 40bil for your capital pilot

(WhoreMiner) #11

i can only afford 1 atm unless you do 2 for 19B … would you accept 12B for aloneHunter?

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #15

I very sorry

(WhoreMiner) #16

is okay. is he actually selling any of this or what? I am unsure

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #17

Might be different TZ. Waiting to throw away some isk. Just realized that cap pilot doesn’t have heavy fighters V, so 40b was probably too much lol

(WhoreMiner) #18

i just want a hulk pilot for null… hard to find atm

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #19

Yeah, I want a nyx pilot for ratting

(The Durantis) #20

i’ll buy. convo in game

(AloneHunterr) #21

this account have 53kkk in assets ( nyx, 2 moros and sub caps ) and 40b not intresting

(Mom's Packed Lunches) #22

Yeah man, I just want the char, none of the assets. Sell off your assets

(The Durantis) #23

60 final