WTS <1 mill SP 2004 character


Quick Details:
Current Location: Jita 4-4 Station (for your convenience)
Start Date: 2004.08.28
Current SP: 919,295
Wallet Balance: 2,084,000 isk
Kill Rights: None
Killmails (Kill and death): None
Jump clones: None
Remaps: 1 Available Now (2 Bonus available)

Character will be auctioned off with the cut off time for bids set at midnight Friday the 26th (or 00:00 Saturday the 27th specifically)

Minimum Bid: 10 Billion
Current Bid: None
Buyout: 20 Billion

Note: If you wish to make a private bid for some reason, please direct mail ingame to “Black Ace” you may also contact me at that same character with any questions or concerns.

::edit:: Time for bids has expired, but I will extend it to the weekend



If it’s May, 2003, I would buyout.
shame that.
Fly safe.

@David_Joe1995 not a problem bud, I’m sure there’s someone out there willing to buy 3 free remaps and minimum SP >.> maybe

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