SOLD! WTS 2004 Toon - 109m SP

(RedWyvern) #1

EDIT: I am the new owner of this character. This thread can be closed.

Good afternoon! I’m for sale:

  • Positive sec status (3.8)
  • 512k unallocated SP
  • Remaps available
  • No kills rights

Character will be sold with an empty wallet, and available for pick up high sec.

All CCP rules apply, I will pay transfer (which is reflected in my asking price).

Buyout 100 bill

(Maizie Fields) #2

82.5 billion… for your consideration.

(RedWyvern) #3


(RedWyvern) #4

Weekend bump

(RedWyvern) #5


(RedWyvern) #6


(RedWyvern) #7


(TxivYawg1) #8

84 bil

(RedWyvern) #9

90 bill and it’s yours

(FrostyJack) #10


(RedWyvern) #11

nay nay and thrice nay

(TxivYawg1) #12


FYI, 90 bil is over price… don’t push your luck

(Phucya) #13

88 bill

(RedWyvern) #14

I’ll do as I favour missus

(Fray Havoc) #15

88.5 Billion

(RedWyvern) #16

Yep, I’ll take that - just confirm you’re still interested and I’ll get the ball rolling


(Streitwartt) #17

88.5 Bill

(Fray Havoc) #18

@RedWyvern Yes, I’m still interested for 88.5B

(Phucya) #19

Ok Fray, give me an hour or so to clean the too up etc, I’ll arrange the transfer with CCP too - hopefully be good to go some time this afternoon.

Watch this space o7

(Fray Havoc) #20

Is @Phucya your character too?