SOLD! WTS 2004 Toon - 109m SP

EDIT: I am the new owner of this character. This thread can be closed.

Good afternoon! I’m for sale:

  • Positive sec status (3.8)
  • 512k unallocated SP
  • Remaps available
  • No kills rights

Character will be sold with an empty wallet, and available for pick up high sec.

All CCP rules apply, I will pay transfer (which is reflected in my asking price).

Buyout 100 bill

82.5 billion… for your consideration.


Weekend bump




84 bil

90 bill and it’s yours


nay nay and thrice nay


FYI, 90 bil is over price… don’t push your luck

88 bill

I’ll do as I favour missus

88.5 Billion

Yep, I’ll take that - just confirm you’re still interested and I’ll get the ball rolling


88.5 Bill

@RedWyvern Yes, I’m still interested for 88.5B

Ok Fray, give me an hour or so to clean the too up etc, I’ll arrange the transfer with CCP too - hopefully be good to go some time this afternoon.

Watch this space o7

Is @Phucya your character too?