[SOLD] WTS 2004 Capsuleer with over 200m SP, a great name, and 58 Ship Skins

Your dream capsuleer, RedWyvern, is now available.

  • Born in June of 2004.
  • Over 200m SP.
  • 4 jump clones. 1 with full set of +4 high grade halo implants. All in high sec.
  • 58 Ship skins.
  • Over 100k LP.
  • Remap available with 2 bonus remaps.
  • 3.7 security status.
  • No kill rights. Currently in Jita.
  • Positive wallet balance.

400 billion isk buyout. Let the bidding commence.

Daily bump.

100b offer

110b offer


Thank you all for the bids.

120b offer

121B offer

122b offer

123b offer

125b offer

140 B offer


Some very generous bids, thank you all very much.

After 4 days with no bids, I will accept the highest bid.

150b offer - good for 24 hrs

151B offer. Offer 24 hours valid.

152B - Valid for the entire 4 days you requested.

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Thank you all very much for your generous bids.

I would like to request that no-one bids if your offer is not good for 4 days. Let’s not bump up the price for those who are truly interested.

The 4 days with no bids is meant to simulate a “going once, going twice” type of auction.

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Going once…

Retract im on the wrong toon