[SOLD] WTS 2004 Capsuleer with over 200m SP, a great name, and 58 Ship Skins

160b, on right toon this time… lol of course the 4 day you requested is fine by me :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your generous bid.

Current bid is at 160b to Annamaria. There will soon be only two days left to bid if no other bids are placed.

Going once…

I see a timestamp of 1252am on 19NOV for the last bid. There is only about 24 hours left (25.5 hours to be more precise). If there are no more higher bids before 1252 on 23NOV then I will not accept any more bids and the auction will go to Annamaria.

Going twice…

Did I win? Please confirm if so and ill send isk and acc info.

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Bidding is now closed!
Annamaria Alexa is the winner!

Please send in game email and isk and I’ll transfer your character.

Please be a little patient, I’ll transfer as soon as I can but it is Thanksgiving as well as my daughters first birthday. I’ll definitely have the transfer started no later than this evening, and I’ll update here once it’s complete.


Isk and Account Info Sent.

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Transfer complete!
Pleasure doing business with you.

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