*SOLD* WTS 145 m sp 2010, PvP/PvE/Capital/Dread, w/ Tourney Medal + Many Skins

WTS 145 m sp, PvP/PvE/Capital/Dread, has Tourney Medal + Many Skins
Participated in tourney Medal + over 100+ skins

I am a member of the NPC corporation
location high sec (Jita)
no kill rights
4 jump clones

  • High-Grade Crystal
  • High-Grade Askelpian
  • High-Grade Ascendaacy
  • Improved Training Set

empty wallet
start bid: 100b


Appreciate the heads up! Fixed :slight_smile:

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106B offer

115B offer

118 Bil retracted . gz on the better offer.

Current winning Bid:
115 B by @Ander_Guderian

I’ll let the Auction run for another 48 hr. Then whatever highest then gets this character.

120b offer Found better ty :slight_smile:

Less than 24 hour remaining till this auction ends.

Highest wining bid: 115b by @Ander_Guderian

WTB 118B Cancel Sry

All yours @Freetion 118B you can send it to @Rixxx my other Account once received I’ll start the transfer. Please also EvE-Mail Rixxx (Exact Phrase) with the account name where I’ll be transferring the character to

100B offer

Auction Reopened for another 24 Hours. Didn’t receive isk from @Freetion

Highest bid now is 106B from @Elsa_Krupp

ok, offer valid

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108B offer

108B offer wins @MIkkuu if you could send the ISK to @Bigh8rboi and I will start the transfer. Along with an EvE-Mail with the account info I’m transferring to.

Thank you!

@Elsa_Krupp 106B is highest bid now, another non payee. Auction closes in 24 hour.

Buy-Out option for you only @Elsa_Krupp to end the auction for 108B

108 B

Isk goes to bigh8rboi only.

Sounds good thanks for the heads up @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

Auction ends in 24 hours Highest bid so far: 108B

Is it still for sale? I will bid 110B