Wts 207 m sp all-arounder cap/subcap

I am for sale!


7 ml sp unallocated
no kill rights, no jump clones
npc corp
positive wallet

BO: 190bil

What was the reason for the character transfer on the 14th i couldnt see a corresponding bazaar post.


180 billion

Withdrawn, bought something else :slight_smile: gl with sale

180 is still valid?

I have purchased a few other toons recently so I am no longer really in the market for a maxed out toon like this. But I can still do 175 if you are interested.

if no one bids higher till tomorrow, I will accept your offer

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I am happy to accept your 175 bil offer

Havent heard back from you. still want to grab it? If no, I ll continue the auction

I’ll buy him for 170B if you want. Cash ready.


171 bil current highest bid, BO updated: 175 bil

172 Bil

I’ll do the 175bil BO.

175 bil BO accepted.

Isk Sent. Thank You.

ISK received. I will initiate transfer shortly

Transfer initiated, thank you

Character Received. Thanks again.

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