Selling 137 Mill SP Character - Bernadictus

Looking at selling me.
Positive Wallet Positive Sec
Is Stationed in Jita 4-4
No Killrights
I will pay transfer.
Start Bids at 95 Bill

Many thanks

I’ll get you rolling.

What would make you say yes for an instant sale?

110 bil BO offer

Sold ready now ?


Was in the middle of typing.
Good sale.

Are you still interested?

you ready to trade?

Did I win ? Can I send isks and account details?

111B if you still selling

115 bil

115.1 b

115.2 B

120 bil

Bernadictus, I think I deserve some tips :kissing_heart:

130 - bil

You should get at least 10 bil. In any case I need topic starter confirmation that I won.

happy bidding :kissing_heart:

ok this blew up overnight sorry i was in bed. Looks like you’re the winner. Ready to login now ?

I’ll be at comp in a few hours and will send isks and account info

Isks and account details have been sent . Awaiting character transfer. Thanks