[SOLD] 145M Dread and Marauder specialist

No kill rights
Character in NPC corporation
positive wallet
+5 security status
character in Jita
Mike Hyperion (qsna.eu)
Starting Bid 120B

120bil to start you off :kissing_heart:

Will do 128

@Noughttosixty accept 128B. send isk and infos as ingame mail

At work currently, will send as soon as I get home(4 hours tops)if that’s okay with you

I’ll wait :wink:

Sweet I’ll let you know when info and isk is sent :smile:

isk and info sent. Thanks for waiting. :smiley:

Please confirm transfer when you start it.

Unfortunate i had to return the ISK for now. There is a technical problem, supprt ticket is open with ccp.

Sounds good, isk has been returned and please let me know when you get it sorted. Ill still be interested. Thanks mate.

@Noughttosixty i’ll come back to you once the problem is sorted out with CCP:

Any update?

@Noughttosixty Negativ. CCP support needs a couple of days to react on support tickets.

Sounds good thanks for the quick response anyhow :smiley:

Hows it looking or are you not interested in selling anymore

Still waiting for an answer from CCP :frowning:

Boo grr ccp

@Noughttosixty got an answer from the suport today. Char is ready for transfer.

Sweet, I’ll send the isk after work (6 hours from now)

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isk and account information sent. Thanks for the character