WTS 139mil vet char

Greetings capsuleres o/

I’m up for sale…
Easy going awesome miner…npcer…reasercher…maufacturer…hauler…PIer…and pvper with dignity…
Totally cap ready pilot…its up to you wich one…

2 remaps available
almost 1,5 mil unlocated sp’s
6 reasearch agent running with 105k rps each
good standings to keep yourself busy with missions if you want
located in Jita
no active killrights


Starting bid: 80bil
Buy out : 95bil

Thanks all capsuleres for their consideration in advance…and of course…don’t forget to enjoy your EvE journey… o/

I’ll up my offer to 82.5b

83b offer…

Thank you so much for your offers!!!
I’ll bump it to the top!
I’ll wait till Sunday midnight (EU tz) and then it will go to the highest bider!!!

Fly safe o7

Thank you so much for the new offer…
I’ll bump it up to the top…
This is the last day…tomorrow is gone!!!

Fly safe capsuleres o7

Few hours left (till midnight EUtz)
So i’ll bump it to the top just incase!

Thank you and fly safe o7

Bazaar is ended, thanks everyone that participate in it or you even had a look!!
The character goes to the higher bider " WTB All Characters"
Thank you and waiting for transaction procedure…!!


83.5b offer

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