I want to sell this great toon!


  • 80mil Skillpoints / 72.723 Skillpoints unallocated
  • 2013 Character
  • Possitive wallet
  • 1 jump clone (Jita)
  • 1 Yearly Remap
  • Location: jita
  • I have no KillRights
  • Member of an NPC corp
  • I will pay the transfer fee

Some highlights:

* 87 Ship skins (for: Marshal, Enforcer, Vargur, Nidhoggur, Obelisk, Proteus, Panther, Tengu, Capsule,…)

  • Corporation Management / Empire Control / Megacorp Management - lvl 5
  • Good Drone Skills
  • Almost full Engineering skills
  • All basic shield ksills - lvl 5
  • Cap pilot

Have a look at the skill-sheet:

Some of the skins:

  • Capsule - Genolution ‘Auroral’ 197-variant
  • Marshal - Saro ‘Black Troop’
  • Tengu - Nightfire
  • Proteus - Inner Zone Vanguard
  • Obelisk - Inner Zone Shipping
  • Nidhoggur - Hazard Control & Firewall Breach
  • Rattlesnake - Hostile Takeover
  • Gila - Hostile Takover
  • Enforcer - Glacial Drift
  • …and many more
    (ask me if you want to know exactly)

I reserve the right to cancel this sale at any point in time.
The toon is ready to move!

Starting bid: 55b
Buyout: 70b

55 billion

thanks for your offer. The bidding has started!

56 billion

57 billion

58 billion

59 billion

59.99 billion

60 billion

60b Highest bid so far.
I would like to close the sale soon, so get your bid in while you still can!

61 billion I can transfer the isk right now

Thanks for your bid, it’s getting closer to what I want!
But it’s still early to accept a 61b buyout.

Added Buyout. Toon is ready to transfer immediately!

62 billion

63 billion

64 billion

65 billion

Highest bid 65b.
Hope to be able to close the sale tonight after I get back from work. (+/- 6h from now)

ill do it

Last call!
Sale over in 2 hours