Selling 35M SP toon from 2010 [can fly nidhoggur, loki, orca]

Positive wallet
No active kill right
Located in jita
In npc corp

Open to reasonable offers, has some skins and a geno implant set on one of the clones worth about 1 bil.


paying for transfer with CC to speed it up

I can offer 25b.

Thank you for your offer but I’m looking for a little more

26B pay by plex

Looking for a little more but thank you

I like your character, how about 27B, pay by Plex

28 and I’ll run over to my computer and get it going

Deal, the transaction fee included

Sorry this is the first time ive sold a character, i thought i had to pay not you? What is the transfer fee for

The fee charged by CCP, when you transfer character

Ah, i dont know much about that, I just thought it was 20 dollars for me to transfer it

You are right, I’m talking about that, please give me your account

Yes send the money to yokubou and I will send it to an alt and start the transfer

Still available but cant transfer until I get home tonight

Still available for sale but have to wait until I get home tonight to transfer. I will pay by credit card to make it faster.

Still available


Really looking to get rid of this guy today, considering all serious offers

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