Alright, bid accepted m8. congratz.
Send me the ISK and account details by ingame mail and i’ll start the transfer

No reaction from the buyer yet. Any last minute offers?

Bump :arrow_up:

Toon is still for sale and ready to be transferred.
Make your offer and let’s get things going!

65.5 billion

When you transfer ISK and send account info I’ll start the character transfer.

Please wait

I need 24 hours to prepare the isk

The shorter you can make it, the better :slight_smile:

I will speed up as soon as possible, this time will not exceed 24h

Can you be 64 billion, I will complete the transaction with you within 1h

We confirmed the skills. The price I can provide is 64 billion

Bro. Do you want the toon or not?

yes But only so much

Then stop spamming this post and making fake offers.
I don’t accept your 64b.

So this character is still on sale?

Yes indeed!

What is the current maximum effective bid

Wel not counting the fake offer of 65.5, I think the 65b from pavilion from yesterday is the last correct/trustable one

Edit: in al fairness it has been some
Hours since I heard him so if you offer anything starting from 65 would be good.

I feel that 65B’s bid is also a false offer. Obviously they are joking with you