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Selling my main, considering serious offers only; no low-balling. PW: 1234


  • Amarr Titan Skillbook ( Level 0, 75 Day Train to sit )
  • T2 Siege w/ Energy Turrets
  • T2 Triage
  • T1 FSU
  • T2 Armor Command
  • JDC 4
  • JDO 5
  • A lot of Skins, 5 of 6 CCP Blaze Skins(No Ishtar), Capital Skins, VNI Empyrean Dragons Skin, etc
  • Men’s Triglavian Survival Suit (Encounter)

Positive Sec Status, No Kill Rights
Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet

Selling My Nyx/Aeon Toon, Serious Offers, No Low-Balling

**25B BUY RIGHT NOW! PW: 1234

Positive Sec Status, No Killrights
Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet

Confirming For Sale

Happy bidding!

25b for the nyx/aeon toon

45b for rapid

Sorry, way too low.
Try starting with the starting bid :slight_smile:

To the top!

Will be online until DT, send your offers!

Will accept officer mods,ISK,etc in exchange!

Does your offer still stand?

i will take both for 65b, isk ready

Make it 70 and it’s a deal, I need a good excuse to spend $40 :wink:

Alternatively, 85B will get you the two toons AND a Drac EMP Smarbomb

no need for the smartbomb got my own collections going, i can sell you a bunch of officer mods if you want…
i need a good excuse to buy 2 not so focused character, one with t2 triage but cant fly carriers properly, the other has carrer 4 but cant use t2 heavy fighters…m8…

67b last offer for 2 characters…

Alright I’ll bite, send 50B to Rapid and 17B to Rezae for total of 67B

Idk the rules but I’d assume each toon has to receive respective ISK

alright the toon which i will be sending isk is my alt, dont be alerted, its not against the rules, and characters will be sent to my different accounts…gimme sec

forget to mention i will send 17b to your rezae, and you need to start transfer, then i will send 50b to rapid for another transfer, to make sure i dont fell into any trap doors

It’s against rules to scam character sales and it’s a permaban. You don’t have anything to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:
Once you send isk I will start a convo with you to figure out which toons go to which accounts and start transfer

i already sent the isk to rezae, once you started to transfer i would send 50b to rapid

ISK Received, transfer started.

ISK Received, transfer started. Thanks for doing business! :slight_smile:

mail received, pleasure doing business! fly safe !

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