[SOLD]360 (nearly) mil sp toon. 2003 birthdate

Selling myself, 380 bil OBO.

Positive wallet
Positive sec status
In highsec
In npc corp


Still for sale.

=P Still for sale.

Some offer is better than no offer? At least it will bump your post haha. :upside_down_face:

I have 150b I can offer. I’ve been looking for a toon that can fly window, golem, phoenix, etc.

Totally understand this is way lower than your listing. But thought it never hurts to offer haha :sweat_smile:.



appreciate the thought — but i could extract it for more =P. Having said that it’s cool that your hangin out here, and 150 will get you a hell of a character if you go shopping around!

I won’t be accepting less than 330 as a reserve, and I likely won’t accept less than my buyout. It’s a 2003 character with a massive amount of skillpoints. I can be patient. It’s worth it to the right buyer.

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All good. I’ll keep watching and looking!

360 bill offer

Removed some Offtopic Postings.

Respectable – RES met, will sell in 7 days to top bidder, Monti Xonicstar in the lead.

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Monti Xonicstar is still in the lead at 360 bil, 5 days and change left!


Private bid in your mail box :slight_smile:



365b firm offer

cyno babette has not zkillboard stats since 2014.
Aelin Eoner 11 days old account.

i rest my case.

my bid and my final offer is 366 bill.
take it or leave it
and no i will not wait another 1-2-3-7 days or whatever for you to see better bids.
either accept my bid today or whenever you reply to this thread or good luck with your sale buddy.

ISK is ISK no matter how old an account is. :hugs:
370b firm offer.
And no problem to accept the deal right now or whenever the OP feels it.

I am out then, good luck guys.
Happy bidding mr Aelin Eoner. i am not that desperate :slight_smile:

Sent in game mail.

New bid 362 billion as agreed in our conversation


isk sent, along with information for transfer