WTS 10.2M Tengu polot

Start bid: 8b
buyout 12b

8b mate, let’s make a fast deal:sunglasses:


By the way, I logged in this web by using a wrong character, I will conov you by the character named MU HY for the rest of dealing procedures

Okey,acknowledged,plz send me the ingame confirmation Email.

I have sent you the ingame E-mail, plz give me an ingame confirm and the following message i will reply you by using the right account, named MU HY

Hey mate, I am Mwolverine MU, and I will use this character to finish the deal, ingame Email has been sent for the account info, plz reply and confirm.

OK,PLZ give me your MAIL

ISK received

Great, slot is open for you

Character transfer requested from CCP

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