WTS 10.4m jita trader with excellent navy/state standings (1.19% broker)

QSNA skills

NPC corp
empty wallet
1 kill right against another player (no kill rights against this toon) (valid for 14d)
no jump clones, in jita. 4 +3 implants.

Trade skills with combat skills to continue to improve standing. 1.19% broker and 3.6% sales.

Start at 10b, higher than normal due to standings. No rush to sell so a buyout that is attractive I will take.

Still selling

still selling



hi bro, i can offer you 8b


10b b/o

Noted. Going to continue to see if any other higher bids come in, as the standings alone are worth quite a bit.

so i can say 11b if we do it immidiatly, otherwise i stay 10 and we wait together

If no other bids in 48 hrs will do 11.

removing for now please close topic

Closed at the request of Op.