WTS 105M sp Minmatar supercarriers and caldair maradures

In NPC corp
No killrights
Positive wallet
located in High sec
security status 5.0
own 308 skins

start 80B
B/O 90B

Unable to access

The skill net? I dont know how to solve it

Is it available?

(Quantum Anomaly)
can u make one?

I don’t know if this is feasible

80b offer,If yes, I will complete the payment within one hour

81b offer

82bil offer



Do you want to continue selling?

of course,Im sry for my delayed response,I am so busy that i cant response in time

If you want,i can accept your offer

83b Can trade now

Ok, I will send the email and isk within 24 hours, and I will inform you here after sending

isk and account sent

received,start transfering
Thanks for your support,have fun!

Happy transaction