WTS 106mil SP Fax, JF, Dred, Carrier, Super Carrier, Subcap Pilot


Can Fly
Lif, Hel, Nidhoggur, Naglfir, Panther, Wyvern, Minokawa, Anshar, Obelisk, Occator, Viator, kikimora (Currently working on drone and fighter skills)

SKINS Active
“Blaze” Squadron - Armageddon, Cerberus, Hurricane
Blue Tiger - Naglfar, Nidhoggur, Panther
Firewall Breach - Naglfar, Nidhoggur
Tronhadar Ink - Hurricane, Nidhoggur, Panther, Sabre, Talwar
Steel Cardinal - Minokawa, Tengu
Intaki Syndicate - Brutix Navy Issue

1 Remap available
Wallet has positive balance
No kill rights on character
1 jump clone with mid grade asklepian set located in Tama
Currently in NPC Corp
Character currently located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Assembly Plant

bid start at 83b

83 bill

Daily Bump still available.

84 bil

85 bill

86 bil

Daily bump.

will be running this til friday 90 bil too low imo

Not perfect, not worth 60 bill, lacking fighters, armor resist, and support skill. Not worth 60. If perfect then will work over 90.

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