WTS 108,5m SP Subcap PvP main

For sale a 108,5m SP subcap pvp main
Pretty much no wasted SP outside of skills used in pvp

Blops and marauders V
Jump Calibaration V
Gunnery and missile support skills maxed
Much more

Comes with 6 pods:
Full +5 training pod
Mid-grade Centurion Set
Mid-grade Snake with 5% web implant
Mid-grade Snake missile pod
Geno pod
Mid Grande Nirvana missile pod

Total value of implants included: ~7B

Comes with 190 skins

2 bonus neural remaps
Positive wallet
Located in Jita
In NPC corp
Sec status -1.0

! Has active non-public killright on the toon that will be gone in 8 days.

Start: 90b
B/O: 100b


bump :blush:


how about 92b?

not in rush so looking for a bit more, thanks

I’d like to offer you the 100b buyout. However, I need some time to open a character slot. If you’re good with this, I bid 100b buyout, to get started with the transfer 24 hours from the time you reply? Let me know. Thanks!

Hey, that is fine. Take all the time you need.

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I will be replying within 24 hours that I have sent the isk and account name. Thanks!

Payment sent w/ evemail for account name. Thanks.

Thank you. Transfer started - enjoy.