WTS 10m SP Skill Farmer and Orca/Porpoise (ICS V) Booster with MFML installed

  • Almost 10m SP, will be there in a couple days (Training Caldari Destroyer V)

  • SP farmer, Perception/Willpower mapped with Cybernetics/Biology V and Per/Will +5s installed

  • Mining Foreman Mindlink installed in Slot 10

  • Orca/Porpoise Booster Ready - Mining Foreman and Director V, Command Burst Spec IV

  • Industrial Command Ships V

  • Can also provide all other link boosts at Level 1 (shield, skirmish et al)

  • Can fly Expedition Frigates and Command Destroyers (Prospect, Endurance, Stork)

  • Parked in Jita

  • Deep Core Mining NPC corporation (one of the smallest and quietest NPC corps)

  • Positive wallet and security status

ALL CCP rules observed (no scams, I pay transfer, this toon gets the ISK)

Skill link is not working

Fixed (hopefully)

10B buyout

And Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

10 billion accepted. Send ISK and account details.


Isk and account info sent

Transferring to Gexxxxxxxxx82

Will be completed after 12/26/2023 1:33:34 AM

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