WTS 11.6m SP farm/CYBER5

Selling myself.

Is an ex miner and ex PI alt with up to exhumer injected with lots of injected reprocessing skills
PI skills also injected


PW : 4321

No killrights

Located in Perimeter

No jumpclones

comes with 2 +5 Imps for maximum profits with SP farming

Startbid 10b
i will pay the transfer fee
All rules by CCP apply
Transfer will be made via PLEX so please keep in mind that it could take the friendly GMs a day or 2 to start the transfer.

to the top again

8.5bil bid or can buy extracted char for 4.3bil

8.75b bid

8.9b bid

9 bil

10b offered

Will pay tomorrow


9.1 bil

9.4 bil

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