WTS 11.8m SP

Info here http://eveboard.com/pilot/JohnnyB_Kolganov
Remaps 1

Starting at 8.0b

4b …

4 very little! There, above the topic, 5 ml of joint venture is sold for this price even higher)

4.1 bil

7b best offer

Ready to buy?

I am, if you accept my offer.

accepted, send iskies and account name to me pls

I sent you the isk but i am unable to send you the in-game mail with my account name. You need to check your mail settings. It says “You are not allowed to contact JohnnyB Kolganov”

Edit: I was able to reach this seller via in-game chat.

I have received the character transfer email from CCP.

Процесс передачи персонажа начат. Несмотря на то, что персонаж по-прежнему привязан к вашей учетной записи, играть им нельзя.
Имя персонажа: JohnnyB Kolganov
Время до завершения: : 01.12.2017 3:28:13

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