WTS 11 mil SP + 185k unallocated orca pilot + PI

Hi everybody,
Orca pilot + PI toon, Pls check the the link

11 Bil B/O

4B offer can transfer immediately

Underestimated, thanks for the bump

7.5B offer

If it is still on sale
11B offer

Hi, sold to you for 11B. I ll send you ingame mail

And none of the disclosures were made as required by CCP’s character selling rules: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Potentially illegal sale here.

ISK received, transfer to be done in few minutes, please confirm when it is done.

while transfer it says “Target user not found or not active” can you give me another name to transfer to??
I found this solution on the forum:

"Target user not found or not active. "

You need Give me the NAME of the account, the word you are using in the LAUNCHER, not the CHARACTER / PILOT name.

Ready to transfer.

Still waiting for the account name…

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!!

Here are the disclosures required:
Located in Amarr
Positive Wallet
No jump clone
NPC Corp
No Kill rights

Transfer done, please confirm.

Transfer successfully completed, please close.

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