WTS 111,837,572 SP


  • npc corp
  • positive wallet
  • no kill rights
  • jita 4-4
  • some skins
    *240,179 unallocated skillpoints
    High-grade Nirvana Alpha
    High-grade Nirvana Beta
    High-grade Nirvana Gamma
    High-grade Nirvana Delta
    High-grade Nirvana Epsilon
    High-grade Nirvana Omega
    Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Emission Systems ES-705
    Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Management EM-805
    Zainou ‘Gnome’ Shield Operation SP-905

strart bid: 95b
b/o: 110b

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Ill open @ 95b

Recently, there have been some issues and we are continuing to sell them now

96B offer

I hope to close the deal quickly! thank you !

If you can bid 100 billion, we can close the deal immediately. If not, I would like to wait for a while

OK deal

isk and mail messages have been sent

Please use the forum role to send an isk and email
I have already refunded the entire amount

sorry. isk and mail messages have been sent.thank you

Could you please hurry up? Thank you

Received, transfer started.
Will be completed after 6/21/2023 3:19:51 PM

thank you

110b offer

Sorry I didn’t notice the deal had been closed.

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