[SOLD] WTS 200 Mil SP Character

No kill rights
Positive Wallet
In a NPC Corp
Located Jita 4-4
Can fly most of the EVE ships, and has good Capital Skills

BID start at 130B
B/O price 200B


100B ready

102B B/O

Thank you for the interest but looking to get a little more.

103B B/O

115B offer

Getting closer… but would like to see a little more… please.

116b offer

120b offer

Offer retracted, investing elsewhere… Thanks though

Aetherin offer of 175 billion is accepted.

Please EVE mail me the Account name I need to transfer the character to and deposit the isk into this characters account. Once I receive your deposit and account name I will begin the transfer.

Aetherin offer was retracted, Character for sale again!

105B here

Thanks for the offer but that’s too low.

Is 110B ok? i have isk in hand and can start now…

Mara Jango 120B

Looking to get a little more…

Mara Jango I respect that. If you change your mind I’m here.

122B here

Getting Closer… please keep it up and thank you to the offers that I have received.