WTS 132 mil SP


No kill rights
Possitive wallet
located in jita

Can pvp, mine, do PI and run up to lvl 5 missions for both Amarr and Caldari

Can use all T3 ships, all black ops and has prerequisites for all races of Dred carrier and titans

Starting price 100 bil
B/O 125 bil

All clones are +3 implants with either combat enhancers or ice mining time reducer

I will pay the transfer Fee.

90 bil

Daily bump and reduced both the starting bid and the buyout.

start to 100 bil
buyout to 125 bil

stolen character 0/

spam is unappreciated in selling character posts
troll elsewhere

would a GM or an ISD plz ip ban this kind of BS poster

100bil here

I will offer 105 Billion.



I will offer 105 Billion.

Leading Bid

thx for the offer thinking about it

Daily Bump

Poor fellows need attention spaming every topic.
Your Brain Was Stolen…by a flee

I’m still leading :wink:



I’m still leading :wink:

Daily Bump and if i don’t get any other offers by tomarrow night it’s yours.

106bil Bidding on a couple of toons so first one to accept gets the isk :slight_smile:

What if I pay 107 bil

W Trade


What if I pay 107 bil

Bid is a bid

I know the character has over 114 bil of points to extract or a partial amount can be extracted and still resold for a substantial profit but when i decided to sell the character i accepted the possibility that it could be stripped.

Still a few more hours till i close this

I will no longer be bidding.

W Trade

Contact me with account i am to transfer character to and send isk
I will log on shortly

Will you transfer character with PLEX or $20?

I would recommend deleting your reply before CCP flagged you for RMTing

Credit Card transfer

ISK and account info sent