WTS 13.5M SP combat focused pilot from 2006

EveSkillboard: Moquar

Currently docked up in Friggi
Positive security status
No kill rights
1 bonus remap

Starting Bid: 9b
B/O: 13b


7Bil offer ISK ready

Thanks for the offers, but I’m looking for a bit more.


7.1 bill

Thanks, but I’m still hoping for more.

8.5 Bil

How about an even 9bil?

Deal 9 Bil

Great, please send ISK and account name via evemail in game and I will begin the transfer as soon as possible.

Isk and info sent for transfer via in game mail :slight_smile:

ISK and account info received. I have begun character transfer. Please confirm when you get a receipt :slight_smile:

Receipt for character transfer received! Thank you!

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