WTS: 46mil SP Rev Pilot

I am for sale


Amarr dread pilot, t2 siege & t2 guns, can fly sabre, light covert cynos, recon 5, all CCP rules to be followed.

Will be transfered via card, not plex.

Starting bid 38bil
B/O - 50bil
Auction ends 10th April 22:00 Eve time

31 bil

Thanks for the offer.


32B offer

32.5 bil

33B offer

33.5 bil

34B offer

36 bil


35B offer for 24h

Apologies for the delay, got held up with work. Txiv you are the highest bidder if you want to transfer isk and account name will start the process now

i will offer 35.1B ready to send Isk

make it 36.1 and he is yours

I can only give 35.1. If you can accept it i will to send Isk

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Transfer started.


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