WTS 22.6m SP T2 Rev pilot // 250k unallocated sp

Nice rev pilot up for sale. 250k unallocated sp

Can use T2 Siege / T2 guns. Has all support skills at a goodlevel.

All Jump drive skills are where they need to be.

Training Surg Strike V and Amarr Dread V.

Has Minmatar Dread I.

Located in Perimeter.

Positive isk balance.

No kill rights.

In a set of +4’s

I will pay the transfer.

Not in a rush to sell so don’t bother low balling. Happy to keep the pilot if I don’t get decent bids.

Happy Bidding

Added: 21b B/O

(its in a an NPC corp / ESB isnt showing it yet)


I am for sale


19b offer

20B :wink:

Getting close. Thanks for the bids thus far.

22 Bil

Cheers for the bid. Will leave it a day or so. Would like a few b more to be honest

Probably won’t get anything more, at almost 1B/1M of SP nobody is really gonna go higher

Will give it a day or two and see how it goes


Last bump

Happy to take the 22b Raiven.

Send over the isk and account info and I’ll start the transfer.


Still for sale or did the last offer take it?

He hasn’t spoken up yet so still for sale.

Feel free to bid mate.

I’d love to buy this pilot but still waiting on my birthday to get the isk which is in a month but, I’ll be down to buy it if ,I get enough isk by then unless you feel like working with a down payment.

My bid would be 20 bil still if, I were to get the isk right now.

Not a chance I’d let it go for 20b. I’m happy to wait for other bids or for ravens 22b bid to be confirmed.



22 and it’s yours mate