WTS Focused Rev Pilot | 25M SP | T2 Siege | T2 Guns | JDC 5

I will pay for transfer with card.

All CCP rules apply. The toon is in an NPC corp sitting in Jita IV.


Not much more to say, is a focused T2 Rev pilot…

Starting bid 25B
Buyout 35B

30b offer

32B and he is yours


retracted, makin one atm

haha ok, well this guy will be much cheaper than making your own! I’ll be on for a few more hours tonight, and am willing to give him up for 32B

ok 32b msg me ingame

hopping one now

comment with toon for sale and i will sned isk and account

so sorry about that, I totally meant to post with this toon in the beginning

But yes, i am for sale

ok, sending isk and account

Toon sent! I got the receipt, so lmk when you get the toon

recieved confirmation, fly fears!

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