WTS Focused Pulse Rev pilot, JDC 5, 26m SP "SOLD"

Selling Focused Dread Rev Pilot, JDC 5


PW 1234

All character sales will be done following CCP/forum rules.

ISK will be received by the character being sold.

I’ll pay transfer fees, send your offers here.

21 b buy out now.

Any reasonable best offers will be considered

1 remap available

Wallet balance - Positive

Kill rights - None

Character location - Jita

12b offer

you ain’t getting nearly 1b per 1 mil sp

15.5b and that’s it

thanks for the bids, but will be holding out for awhile.

Well, 17 is the highest I’ll go

Fair offer but I will wait it out a bit. Check back as I will be selling this character in the very near future. one way or another.

18 b is my offer

Fair offer but I will give the sale a few more days, If you are still in the market check back, this toon will be sold before the weekend and if 18 b is the best offer and you are still in the market I will accept your offer.


19 bill but only available till a find a character in the next few hours.

Accepted 19 B Fair enough send the isk and I will start the transfer

I’ll send isk shortly.

Isk sent to Macabre Apokaluptiko and account information sent via eve mail.

Got ya will get the transfer started.

Isk received transfer complete to your chosen account @JediTruth

Thanks and enjoy

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