5mil SP character for sale(410k unallocated sp)

I am for sale.

Sills https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/jellytot

Positive wallet
Positive standings
410,000 unallocated skill points -
In jita main station
All CCP rules apply
I will pay transfer
2 bonus remaps

Start bid- 4bil
BO - make a reasonable offer

3.0 bil

Still for sale

great! 4.8 billion for b/o.

I will accept this, will be on in 10 min

I am at work. I will transfer ISK to your account and provide account name for transfer this evening EST.

OK. But if someone else makes an offer of more I will take it. I have been “stood up” to many times with character sales.

I am home. Sending buyout of 4.8 Bil to Jellytot when I log on in about five. Also please wait for transfer as I am about five hours of removing an alt for this toon. Thank you!

I Just transferred BO and destination account name to jellytot, your character on sale. To note, destination account has approximately three hours of this time stamp before slot (I am deleting one of my alts) is open for jellytot. Thanks again for waiting!

OK, will wait 3 hrs and then give it a go, not sure what it does if you have full slots. Can try now if you want ?

Jellytot: Apologies but I have to withdraw from this this exchange. Please return B/O ISK to sender per Purchasing and sales rules.

Mope, you messing me around I will take 10% as there may have been other buyers.

Hmmmm…You might not want to do that - better read the rules: that isk is still the buyers per character bazaar rules:

D. Purchasing and sales

  1. The ISK that a buyer sends when attempting to purchase a character is considered to belong to him until such a time as the character being purchased has been delivered to the account of his choosing. If the character sale is not completed, the ISK must be returned in full to the potential buyer.

You even state that these rules apply in your very own post: )

All CCP rules apply

Guess I will send it back, but there needs to be some penalty for people just messing around with bids and then not bothering…

Hey. jelly,I just read all this. I am truly sorry for the trouble. Trust me, it was by no means intentional.

My offer stands till I run out of isk

Thanks, but am hoping for more.

Still for sale…

Still for sale…