WTS Rev Pilot, 23.5m SP (1.25 of it unallocated)

Looking to sell this Rev Pilot


Located in High sec
Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 bonus remaps
Amarr dread IV
T2 Seige
T2 guns

Starting Bid: 20b

20b bid



21.5 B


22.5 bill

i will do 23bil BO

i can do a b/o of 23.5bn

25b b/o

26 B/O


Thanks for all the bids! Gonna leave this up till at some point Friday night then the highest bid gets it :slight_smile:

27b bid

27.5 bid

Gonna leave this open for a few more hours, will close it and accept the highest bid when i get home!

Ok, congratulations Atrianna, if you wanna send isk and account name, ill be home in a couple of hours and can start the transfer then.

is the pilot still for sale?

Until Atrianna replies, seeing as its been close to 24 hours, im gonna say yes, still for sale.

So first person to match 27.5 Gets her, Unless Atrianna posts confirmation of isk and account name sent.