WTS 34M sp-Minmitar Marauder pilot/ Perfect 1400 arty skills

Genbeam EveSkillboard

Full High Grade Ascendancy clone
All +6% implants

Perfect Engineering, Navigation and Gunnery
Great first day incursion/mission runner. Instant ability to make 150 million an hour.

Marauders 5
Minmitar BS 5
Large Artillery Spec 5
All core skills to level 5
Check Skillboard :point_up_2:

Positive standing
Positive wallet
Character located in Jita
Character is in NPC corp

I will pay the transfer fees

Starting: 26B

your pilot will never be worth more than how much SP is in it you have priced this pilot way more than its actual worth on the flip side here is your first bump

Thanks for you input. Duly noted on the price. Lowered a tad.

20b off

Thanks for the offer, lets keep going and see what we get :slight_smile:

21.5 Bil isk ready

thanks for the offer!, would like to let it go a little longer and see what we get.

ok u drive hard bargin i offer 22 bil

Johnny, thanks and I will consider. Would like to still let it run out a bit.

I can see standing and clone ?

Not sure what you are asking…however, standing is positive, no jump clones, but you can see the implants on the EveSkillboard hyper link

26 Bil


Rollo, Leo thank you for the bids, im going to keep it going and see where it goes still. Leo you are highest right now.

Also, the toon has no standings, it has literally sat and trained until about a week ago when I decided to buy him a full pimped Vargur and run a few incursions with it. It has done less than 10 incursion sites in 2 years.

Ok you drive hard bargin but i B/O i offer you 34 bil isk ready give me pilot please

Johnny, thanks for the 34 billion. If I hear nothing from anyone else within the hour, the toon is yours at the buy out price. Please message/mail me in game. Thank!

@Jhonny_Wuhan still waiting to hear from you.

you said you wanted to wait so i am waitng for you to say that you will sell to me

@Jhonny_Wuhan gotcha, well Sold to you sir. Mail me in game please. i am heading to lunch and will plan on starting character transfer when I get back and confirm receiving funds.

@Jhonny_Wuhan I am back at my desk. online and ready to transfer toon.