WTS 34M sp-Minmitar Marauder pilot/ Perfect 1400 arty skills

sorry i put all my isk together i was not at 34 bil so i have to retract my offer im very sorry

Roger, toon is still available then. Last bid was by @Leo_Weiss for 26.5 bil. If leo is still good with that. we will continue from there. Thanks.

Still good

Sounds good. Bidding can commence at 26.5.


Planning on closing this by end of day today East coast time zone. As of now @Leo_Weiss is at 26.5 billion. Bidding will end by 9PM eastern tonight. Good luck until then. :slight_smile:

Ive reached out to @Leo_Weiss in game. If I do not hear from him, this character will remain for sale.

I can offer 25bil firm.

thanks for the offer. Current bid is 26.5.

No problem!
Let me know if that falls through!!

Will do thanks. You are welcome to bid higher than him :slight_smile:

I’m here, contact me In game :slight_smile:

I will contact you in a bit, bidding is still going on, I just wanted to make sure you were still around. Thanks!

How many time left ?

Roughly 9 Pm tonight. I have some things that I am getting done, but I should be around my computer then.

If I’m not here it’s because I have to go to work, but I will take this character :slight_smile:

It’s 10 PM here :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Leo_Weiss message me in game, when you get a chance.

Character is up until I hear from @Leo_Weiss

Info and ISK Send

ISK received, character transfer initiated. Please confirm upon receipt. Thanks!