WTS 12.8m sp Miner/Refiner

I am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Vanilla_Zinger

Great null sec mining and refining character with ABCS Refining V

Positive Wallet
No kill rights
Located in high sec
No Jump clones

Start Bid 8b
Buy out 12b

8 bil

daily bump



Last Bump, if there is no other bid until next downtime it’s yours @danni_Wilson

@danni_Wilson Call it a deal.

Send the ISK to this toon in game and an eve mail of the account to be transferred to.
As soon as all is received I will submit the support ticket to start the transfer process.

@Vanilla_Zinger Sent the isk and standing by

@Vanilla_Zinger Received confirmation tyvm

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