WTS 120 m SP indy toon


Sec status 5, wallet +, 2 jump clones, no kill rights

4-5 level mission available

Joined NPC corp

I am responsible for transfer fees.

B/o 95 bil isk

I’ll take it for B/O

Ok, hope it wont be extracted. Ready for a deal?

Yeah, logging in now. Isk and account info being sent from ‘Vandermark’ in game.

Edit: Isk and account info sent, hope this isn’t a scam :wink:

I will log in and check soon. What scam?

Nothing, most recently I have been getting scammed on these forums quite a bit. There’s a few threads around that you can find that show it. So anytime a nice character like this one gets put up at a reasonable price it’s ended as a scam lately. So was just prepping myself.

Sorry man, I didnt know that scaming is possible on that forum. I dont sell characters often so I cant know about it.

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Let me know when you start the transfer process please. And if you’re doing it via plex or cc. since plex doesn’t email me when transfer starts