WTS 20.5mill SP Scanning Toon

Loc in High Sec
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
No jump clones
NPC Corp
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Evil_Captain (Pass 111)

B/O : 20bill
Min : 10bill
Open to offers



10b offer

12b offer

Thanks for the offer looking for abit more.

hmm max i can do is 13b. Good luck anyway.




5B Cash in Hand!

No Thanks


If you can go 14b its yours

14 Billion ISK right here! I can have the ISK within 24 hours.

@Titan_Fires Deal if you send Isk and Account name i will start the transfer.

Isk and account info sent. Nice doing business with you!

Isk and Account received. Character Transfer Started please confirm this.

No email yet, I will confirm once I get it.

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