WTS 129 Mio SP + 8 Mio unallocated SP

Selling this Character:

pretty decent Precursor skills

positive wallet
negative sec-status
no killrights
npc corp
seller pays transfer

starting bid - 90B
Buyout - hidden

Thanks for that offer.
Lets see if someone else bids more - otherwise its yours

Quantum Powered offer accepted

Please send the ISK to Reeeeeker, I will then start transfer

NICE I will pay immediately

No ISK received so far

ISK has already paid, the new account login has some problems, and the transfer ID will be sent in the game later.

confirmed - ISK received.
Waiting for Transfer information

The transfer account information has been emailed during the game. I’m very sorry to keep you waiting. thank

no need to excuse - everything is fine!

Account Data received, transfer started

I want to know if the transfer has started because I have n’t received any information so far

Yes - as written above transfer has started

Ticket ID: 1086296

Character is not visible in my account anymore - please confirm when you got him

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