WTS: 4.6mil Starter Character with 275k unallocated SP


All rules apply
I pay transfer by card
Nice little starter.
2017.05.30 Birthday
No Corp history
4.6m SP plus 275k unallocated
0 Wallet
.1 Sec Status
No Assets

3.5bill starting bid

No interest at all?

Willing to entertain serious offers.

Beuller? anyone?

3.5 B/O

accepted. Send me the ISK and your info in game and we can get the transfer going

You still want the character?

i’d take it for 2.9 bil if no other offers has been done.

Well I haven’t received payment from Raydick wp and it’s been nearly a week with no response. So I will have to assume he doesn’t want it. Would you go 3b?

I’ll assume that’s no. I’ll take the 2.9 if you still want the character.

Sorry for my late reply, i’ve found what i was looking for already thank you for considering my offer.

Will u take 3 bil


Ok great I’ll log back on and send you a message

Sorry what do I do

Do I just send u isk

Isk and ingame message is sent

Initiating transfer

Character received thank u

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