WTS Starter character. 5.045m sp + 155k (transfer initiated)

Selling some of my unwanted characters now that I’m doing alpha/omega stuff.

Old account used to create a corporation for my friends and it sat dormant forever. currently in a rookie corp, but the link hasn’t updated yet.

5.045m SP, with 155k unallocated sp
link : EveSkillboard - Capt’in Morgan

has a current remap available, and 3 bonus remaps.

no wallet balance,
located in Amsen
no killrights

Starting bid 1bn
Buyout 3bn

pretty sure I hit on all the things I needed to. Thanks for helping me get back after a 4 year hiatus!

3B Buyout ok

Yea that’s great. thanks so much

ok I’m transfering the ISK and providing you the account name

isk and account name sent on Capt’in Morgan

Isk recieved. Transfer Initiated

transfer completed. please confirm

I confirm! sorry forgot to post…


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