WTS 12M SP VNI/Drone Pilot - CLOSED

This is a perfect heavy drone VNI pilot (heavy drone skills to level 5)

Ideal for semi-afk/afk use in null-sec.

Has Level 3 Caldari standings if you want to use it for missioning.

No employment history.

Four implants all +4s.

One bonus remap.


1. Wallet balance.
Positive ISK balance.

2. Kill rights
No kill rights.

3. Jump clones
No jump clones.

4. Character location.
Located in Jita 4/4

4 bil


Thanks for your bid, no harm in a cheeky offer! But a bit low!

This is more like it, still a bit low though, make me another offer!

see in game mail

Reply sent.

Still for sale! Offer me 8bill and it’s yours!

Perfect VNI toon. Make me an offer!


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