(SOLD) WTS 27M SP PvE Ishtar Pilot (Good Drone Skills)

Looking to sell this character!


I was used primarily as a ratting and cyno V alt and can generate you plenty of isk!!

**8 lvl V drone skills including Heavy Drone Operation
**Cyno V
**Gallente Cruiser V
**Heavy Assault Cruisers IV
**Interceptor capable

Bidding will start at 20b
B/O hidden

Good luck!!

Daily bump!

17.0 b


18 bill

Make it 20b and you have a deal

I can do 19.5 right now.

Still going to stick to 20b! Your not far off!!

ok, wait me a minute =P

Isk and account sent, please send to me the api of your character if possible, wanna do some things in evemon

edit: api received

Transfer initiated and isk received!!

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