WTS 28m PVE Perfect Ishtar Pilot (Good drone Skills)

(Carabineros) #1

WTS this character!
Password: 1234

-Gallente Cruiser V
-Heavy Assault Cruisers V
-Interceptor capable
-All skills useful

Start Bid: 20b
B/O hidden
Good luck with the bid!
Hope you can find the character you want.

(New topic posted) WTS 28M PVE Ishtar pilot (Good Drone skills)
(Maizie Fields) #2

20 bil

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

(Carabineros) #3

daily up
looking for higher price

(I'am lucky) #4

20b isk will be ready by evening.


21b isk will be ready

(banansa) #6


(Carabineros) #9

Since Banansa sent buy out at 25B and withdraw his bid
This bid cancel

(Mila Utrigas) #10

20b offer

(system) #11

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