WTS focused VNI/Ishtar pilot 7.3m SP

(Violence via Cyno) #1

I am for sale.

I have gallente cruiser 5, heavy drones 5 and am less than 2 weeks away from drone interfacing 5.

I also have cybernetics 4 and evasive maneuvering 5.

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Violence_via_Cyno password: 123

I have a posive wallet and i am located in a highsec system in an NPC corp. I have implants that are relevant for training drone skills.

As stated below, i need some work on core skills, especially shield skills. I do however have the HAC skill injected and in training queue, I did this just before posting so API needs some time to update i guess

Start: 5b

B/O: 8.5b

(N3W KING) #2

6.5b isk on hand can send.
You have no hac skill injected and need some work with core skills, just FYI post this

(Violence via Cyno) #3

Thank you for your interest, i’d like to wait a bit and let the auction run its course, i believe this character is worth more than this.

(Just For Chill) #4

8b b\o right now

(Nolegs) #5

Great name to be honest, I’m tempted just for that reason

(Violence via Cyno) #6

thank you for your interest, your bid of 8b is accepted. As soon as the funds have been transferred and you have given me your account name i will start the character transfer.

(Just For Chill) #7

isk and acc info sent

(Violence via Cyno) #8

Thank you, i confirm payment reception, i have started the character transfer process.

Character Name: Violence via Cyno

Will be completed after: 5/4/2018 2:01:39 AM

(system) #9

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