WTS 13.9m SP Miner/PI alt

Looking to Sell Myself

Positive wallet
1 Standard Training Clone
Exhumer 4
Mining barge 5
2 bonus remaps
T2 strip miners with Some of the crystals unlocked.
Some skill points into minmatar
Located in Jita

Looking to sell

Positive wallet and sec status.
1 Day from mining barge 5 (training to 5 now)
No pods
Located in bania

Looking for offers

i am for sale

Drone skill pilot for sale 5.7m sp some gallente ships can be flown.
Has been extracted so needs training.
Looking for offers

7B for Both

7.5 for both


Withdrawing offer.

I will offer 8bill for both - above extraction value of the toons.

I will offer 9.5B for both.
Have a great day,

Will withdraw offer if no response in 24hrs

5bil for Desmo Clone-Omega

3.5b for Alpha


Will Pay 7.5b for both, still well over the extraction value

4b for omega

5b for Omegas - Offer stands for 24 hours only

i will offer 5.5b for the Omegas account

i put my bid up to 6b only last 24 hours

6.5b for Omegas, lasts for 24 hours only


offer withdrawn, got a better deal offer