WTS 13.9m SP Miner/PI alt

Looking to Sell Myself

Positive wallet
1 Standard Training Clone
Exhumer 4
Mining barge 5
2 bonus remaps
T2 strip miners with Some of the crystals unlocked.
Some skill points into minmatar
Located in Jita

Looking to sell

Positive wallet and sec status.
1 Day from mining barge 5 (training to 5 now)
No pods
Located in bania

Looking for offers

i am for sale

7B for Both

7.5 for both


Withdrawing offer.

I will offer 8bill for both - above extraction value of the toons.

I will offer 9.5B for both.
Have a great day,

Will withdraw offer if no response in 24hrs

5bil for Desmo Clone-Omega

3.5b for Alpha