WTS Myself.

Positive Wallet

No killrights

1 Pod:
High-Grade Nirvana

1 Pod
High-Grade Asklepian 5/6 (miss omega)

Pilot as been used to farm, can fly pretty well Ishtar when weather is grey.

Pilot is located in Jita.

Reserve Price 32b.
B/o 38b.

20 bil

Ty for offer

whats wrong with you guys in choosing a decent name

Vertical Supremacy.

should have just gone with Z only then

offering 25B

ty for offer, still looking for more

25.5 bil



29.5 bil

Ty for offer, i’m gonna accept the closest offer to the buy out in few days.

Dailly Bump

Daily bump

Still for sale.


Weekly bump


Ty for offer, i’ll accept the first reaching 32b.