WTS Myself.

5.399 Mill SP.

Mainly Drone and Support Skills. Great Charackter for Drone boat PVE or PVE.

Eveboard: (PW: 1234567890)


(did not Updtade yet. Extracted Skills are Amarr Frigate 5, Covert Ops, and Spaceships Command V)

Location Jita, 1 Remap

First good offer will be accepted.

Happy Bidding


what is the password please ?

Create a board on https://eveskillboard.com skills are updated every 3 hours. Xmlapi can take some time to update

sorry, password is 1234567890

PW Updated

3.2b isk

3.2 is a bit to low.

UP. 3.4 Bill bo

When you extract, the best is use eveskillboard.com put too that link.


PW: 1234567890

I’ll buy it at 3.4bil.


I’ll accept.

Cool. Currently moving my buyers account to jita to plex it to Omega. You can pm ingame QuantumEntanglement

Isk sent to Cypher Cratos. Ingame mail with account name also sent. Please confirm when transfer started

I cant get on my PC today however i hope i will be able tmm. Ill let you know as soon as the process started

Transfer has already started. Thanks for doing business

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