(Cypher Cratos) #1

WTS Myself.

5.399 Mill SP.

Mainly Drone and Support Skills. Great Charackter for Drone boat PVE or PVE.

Eveboard: (PW: 1234567890)


(did not Updtade yet. Extracted Skills are Amarr Frigate 5, Covert Ops, and Spaceships Command V)

Location Jita, 1 Remap

First good offer will be accepted.

Happy Bidding

WTB 5-6m SP chars
WTB All type of char, cash in hand
(Elestor Kansene) #2


what is the password please ?

(Brock Khans) #3

Create a board on https://eveskillboard.com skills are updated every 3 hours. Xmlapi can take some time to update

(Cypher Cratos) #4

sorry, password is 1234567890

(Cypher Cratos) #5

PW Updated

(Tom Sylheb) #6

3.2b isk

(Cypher Cratos) #7

3.2 is a bit to low.

(Cypher Cratos) #8

UP. 3.4 Bill bo

(Inactive Seller) #9

When you extract, the best is use eveskillboard.com put too that link.

(Cypher Cratos) #11


PW: 1234567890

WTB VNI focused Char
(TwoDollar Whores) #12

I’ll buy it at 3.4bil.

(Cypher Cratos) #13


I’ll accept.

(TwoDollar Whores) #14

Cool. Currently moving my buyers account to jita to plex it to Omega. You can pm ingame QuantumEntanglement

(TwoDollar Whores) #15

Isk sent to Cypher Cratos. Ingame mail with account name also sent. Please confirm when transfer started

(Cypher Cratos) #16

I cant get on my PC today however i hope i will be able tmm. Ill let you know as soon as the process started

(Lalia Tarsin) #17

Transfer has already started. Thanks for doing business

(system) #18

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